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The secret to earning up to 90% of the delivery fee from delivery jobs

The secret to earning up to 90% of the delivery fee from delivery jobs

Ready to step up your delivery game? Being a good delivery driver is more than just moving stuff from place to place - it’s about providing exceptional customer service every step of the way! The most successful iDlvr-ers understand this, and are using it to their advantage. Plus, by learning from all their delivery jobs, they are able to level up their service and become the go-to choice for premium deliveries. 

Sound interesting? Let’s dive into this exciting feature and how you too can become a customer service champion and cash in on these deliveries.

What are premium deliveries?

Premium delivery jobs are a great way to get customers to ‘show you the money!’ Unlike regular deliveries, where you are compensated for the distance you travel between the pick-up and drop off point, you will also be paid for the distance between your current location, the pick-up point, and the drop-off location. This presents a great opportunity to earn more money from deliveries. 

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But with great reward comes great responsibility. Premium deliveries are top priority, which means if you accept one, you need to get your skates on to immediately pick-up and deliver the order.

How to receive requests for premium deliveries

The secret to being requested for premium deliveries is to optimise your driver profile and maintain a high customer rating across all your deliveries. Let’s explore how in more detail.

Provide excellent customer service 

Unlike other delivery services, your success as an iDlvr driver is based on how you interact with your customers. It’s important to always be polite and professional in every customer interaction - even when you don’t feel like it. By doing so, you increase your chances of getting a five-star rating and becoming an iDlvr superstar!

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Prioritise customer communication

From the moment you accept an order, it’s a good idea to open the lines of communication and build rapport. A great way to do this is to reach out to them through the handy messaging feature in the iDlvr app, let them know you are on the case, and will take great care of their order. That personal touch can make all the difference, and turn a regular delivery into a top-notch experience.

Deliver on-time

After you accept an order, the clock starts ticking - but don’t sweat it! The iDlvr app will give you a recommended time limit to complete the delivery. By completing the delivery within that deadline, you can build trust with your customers and increase your chances of receiving a glowing review. So manage your time effectively, and keep your customers in the loop about any delays to their order. You don’t want to leave your customers hanging like a Game of Thrones season finale!

Request ratings after every delivery

Did your customer have a great delivery experience? Don’t be shy - ask them for a review after you have completed the delivery! Asking for feedback will increase the likelihood of them doing so, which can boost your rating faster than a viral TikTok video. It also shows that you care about their experience. Plus, by maintaining an average four-star customer rating, customers will be able to request you for premium deliveries.

Start receiving premium delivery jobs

As an iDlvr driver, your success hinges on your ability to provide an exceptional, top-notch service for your customers. By providing exceptional customer service and striving for positive reviews, you’ll stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of scoring premium deliveries from customers. Optimise your profile, follow the tips above, and customers will ‘show you the money’ in no time!

iDlvr is Australia’s first on-demand delivery service. We enable any delivery driver to earn up to 90% of the minimum delivery fee, while enjoying flexible working conditions and unlimited earning potential.

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